Christchurch Scouting NZ Fire Usage Policy Terms

Fires at Rimu Park – What permissions do I need?

There are two places where fires can be set at Rimu Park –

  1.  In the Campfire Circle
  2.  On the concrete under the round shelter.

Before considering lighting a fire, you need to be aware of the following:

Fire Permits

These are issued by Fire and Emergency New Zealand to manage fire risk. Whether a permit will be issued depends on the current fire season. Open fire season – no permit required, but you must comply with any conditions.

Restricted Fire Season

A permit required and you must comply with any conditions. Prohibited fire season – no fires permitted, and any existing permit is automatically cancelled.

For more information and to apply for a permit, go to

For Rimu Park, go to the ‘Rural’ tab (top right). Up the top (by the Fire and Emergency logo) click ‘Check rural fire season status’. Select ‘South Island’, ‘Christchurch’ district and ‘Christchurch’ zone. The fire season status will then be displayed.

For advice about fire seasons and permits, you can call Fire and Emergency on (03) 372 8601. Discharge Rimu Park is outside the city clean air zone. However, you should still manage your fire to comply with the following rules for permitted activities in the Canterbury Air Regional Plan 2017: Rule 7:7 Don’t burn: Wood painted with lead-based paint or treated with CCA timber preservative Wire that is coated with any material Materials containing asbestos All rubber Medical waste, pathological waste, quarantine waste Batteries, chemicals, paint and other surface coating materials Tar or bitumen Used and waste oil, excluding re-refined oil Sludge from industrial processes Any container that has been used for the purpose of storing hazardous substances Rule 7.15 Outdoor burning of vegetation and untreated wood as a part of a community or cultural event is a permitted activity provided the following conditions are met: 1. & 2. Not applicable to Rimu Park 3. The material to be burnt is dry and the moisture content is unlikely to exceed 25% dry weight. Rule 7.16 Outdoor burning for the purpose of cooking, including in a hangi, barbeque, pizza oven or other small scale or domestic cooking device, is a permitted activity. For more information:

Notification 30 minutes before you light a campfire, please phone the Fire Advisory on (03) 341 0266 to avoid unnecessary callouts if the fire is spotted either by a passer-by or from the air.